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D-Pace supplies products and services to the international commercial accelerator industry. Our areas of expertise include charged particle transport systems and components for the cyclotron, ion implanter, and linear accelerator segments of the industry.

ECR Ion Sources from Pantechnik
D-Pace, Inc. is now representing Pantechnik’s world-class ECR Ion Sources in North America

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AC Scan Magnet
D-Pace has developed the SM97 AC Scan Magnet system that produces flat-topped raster-scanned (rectangular) or circular charged particle beam distributions on target.

AC Scan Magnet

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TRIUMF Licensed Emittance Scanner
D-Pace has commercialized the ES-4 Emittance Scanner under a TRIUMF technology license. This device measures low-energy charged particle beam distributions in (x, x’) or (y, y’) depending on installed orientation. Important physical parameters are computed and displayed such as RMS emittances, and the beam phase space intensity distribution.

Emittance Scanner

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TRIUMF Licensed Wire-Scanner
The commercialized OWS-30 Wire Scanner has been developed under a TRIUMF technology license. This device measures charged particle beam profiles in orthogonal planes (typically horizontal/vertical) simultaneously.

Wire Scanner

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Specialized High Power (50 kW) Beamline for BNCT
D-Pace staff have developed and produced a high power beamline for BNCT applications that has been presented at NA-PAC13 in Pasadena, California, USA in October 2013.

Specialized High Power Beamline for BNCT

25 Oct 2013 - 15:03 by D-Pace News New |

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