D-Pace supplies products and services to the international commercial accelerator industry.

Welcome! Our areas of expertise include beamline systems, beam diagnostic devices, and ion sources for research, industrial, and commercial accelerator systems. Our knowledgeable design staff is well-versed in the special details associated with designing accelerator-related equipment. Our many industry contacts such as scientists, engineers, designers, and specialty part manufacturers and suppliers – all over the world – back our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

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Buckley Systems working together with D-Pace

Buckley Systems and D-Pace have successfully collaborated for twenty years in the development and provision of beamline systems, beam diagnostics, and ion sources.  Based on this good experience, the two firms decided to embark on a closer relationship.  

In 2014 Buckley Systems invested in D-Pace (50% ownership), and as a consequence D-Pace now had the resources to develop and commercialize approximately a dozen new products for the particle accelerator market.  This was a win-win for several reasons in that D-Pace launched a number of new and useful products to the industry, Buckley Systems generated additional products to manufacture, and the collaboration was providing excellent technical cross-pollination. 

For example, this close relationship enables Buckley Systems to become more closely involved in sophisticated design/build projects with its customers, and enables D-Pace to better design equipment in concert with the advanced manufacturing techniques and processes at Buckley Systems.  In addition, by way of the Buckley Systems investment, the two companies have developed a test facility suitable for developing ion sources, beam diagnostic devices, and a variety of magnet systems. 

Much of this development work is cutting-edge discovery science undertaken by PhD students from universities in Canada and New Zealand in conjunction with Buckley Systems and D-Pace.

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