Early Adopter Program Available

D-Pace Launches UniBEaM

D-Pace has launched UniBEaM (Universal Beam Monitor), an alternative to conventional wire scanners, and has set up an early adopter program (EAP) where the system is offered at a reduced price in exchange for customer feedback and data.

UniBEaM provides the particle accelerator industry a compact and cost effective means of measuring charged particle, electron and x-ray beam intensity profiles over a large range of currents and beam energies. UniBEaM was developed by the Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics, University of Bern, and commercialized by D-Pace Inc.

UniBEaM is based on passing 200 micron doped optical fibers through a particle beam. Visible scintillation light from the sensor fibers is transmitted to the UniBEaM controller over distances of tens of meters with minimal signal loss, and with no susceptibility to electromagnetic fields. UniBEaM has a large dynamic range, operating with beam currents (~pA to mA), and a large range of particle kinetic energies of (~keV to GeV), depending on the absorbed power density.

The early adopter program is offered to facilities exploring new applications, novel tuning methods, particle types, beam energies and currents. There are a limited number of systems available for the EAP program. Please contact D-Pace for details. For additional information about UniBEaM, follow the link.

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