UniBEaM Early Adopter Program (EAP): D-Pace looking for partners

D-Pace is offering a limited number of UniBEaM particle beam profiling systems (for additional information about UniBEaM, follow this link) at a highly discounted price for an Early Adopter Program (EAP). The EAP in open to participants exploring new applications, novel tuning methods, particle types, beam energies and currents in exchange for data sharing on device usage and performance.

The EAP is intended to be a mutually beneficial relationship between D-Pace and its partner institutions, whereby researchers gain access to the latest innovation in beam diagnostics and D-Pace receives data on the UniBEaM’s performance over a range of applications, particle types, beam energies and currents.

Although the UniBEaM system has undergone extensive testing at the Ion Source Test Facility (ISTF) at Buckley Systems and the University of Bern in Switzerland, the UniBEaM has a large dynamic range requiring characterisation across range beyond what is available at the ISTF. The UniBEaM is capable of measuring beam currents over the ranges of pico-Amp (pA), nano-Amp (nA), micro-Amp (µA) to milli-Amp (mA), and kinetic energy ranges of kilo-electron Volt (keV), Mega-electron Volt (MeV) to Giga-electron Volt (GeV), and with the charged particle types ranging from light ions to heavy ions, but also including electrons. In addition, the device has proven useful in measuring X-rays, though the results are still preliminary.

If you or your organization is interested in being part of the EAP adopter program and taking advantage of the discounted pricing please contact D-Pace at info@d-pace.com or 250-352-5162 to discuss your application, the UniBEaM system and EAP pricing.

The UniBEaM EAP program was launched in September 2016. The first participants in the program include the University of Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory and Australian National University Department of Nuclear Physics.  D-Pace is also working with High Voltage Engineering in the Netherlands to test UniBEaM on their standard accelerator. D-Pace is still has limited number of UniBEaM system available at the discounted pricing for the EAP program for customers in areas that of technical and commercial interest to D-Pace.

Morgan Dehnel, President of D-Pace, Inc. says, “We are excited about the launch of UniBEaM and our early adopter program.  We believe UniBEaM will fill a long-standing void in compact, low-cost beam diagnostics.”

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