UniBEaM Early Adopter Program: D-Pace proud to announce first three partners

An Early Adopter Program (EAP) has been established in order to characterize the UniBEaM particle beam profiling system over its entire:

  • Kinetic energy range: keV to GeV
  • Current range: pA to mA
  • Particle type range: light ions to heavy ions; electrons; photons, x-rays and gamma's.
  • Characterization of peak power density limits.

D-Pace is offering a limited number of UniBEaM particle beam profiling systems at a highly discounted price to early adopters in exchange for:

  • Technical performance data, feedback and recommendations
  • Authoring or co-authoring of research papers.

D-Pace is proud to announce it has signed agreements with its first three UniBEaM Early Adopter Program (EAP) partners:

            1. University of Bern Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics

Dr. Saverio Braccini of the University of Bern Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics conceived and developed the UniBEaM technology and is characterizing the commercial UniBEaM system with protons (p+) at 18MeV using beam currents of 1pA to 20µA on an IBA 18/9 Cyclotron.

          2. University of Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory

Dr. Toader of the University of Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory.

          3. Australian National University Department of Nuclear Physics.

Dr. Lobanov of the Australian National University Department of Nuclear Physics.
ANU Virtual Tour: https://science.anu.edu.au/study/virtual-tour

Australia National University (ANU) and Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory (MIBL) will report on their research into the UniBEaM performance in the following areas:

  1. Evaluation at low energy: 150 keV, negative beams, currents few nA to few uA, atomic number 1 to 240 (ANU)
  2. Evaluation at high energy, Q = 1-25 (+ charge state), energies 1-6 MeV/nucleon, currents sub-nA to few 100th nA (ANU)
  3. Evaluation at low energy: 400keV, various gasses, Fe, Ni, currents from nA to a few uA (MIBL)
  4. Evaluation at high energy with raster scanning: 5 MeV, Fe, Ni and Si beams in uA range (MIBL).

UniBEaM25 is a new particle beam profiling system using optical sensor fibers rather than traditional wires. It is used to measure the beam intensity profile of charged particles and gammas. For beamline operators, beam profilers are crucial for measuring beam width and position, as well as the beam intensity distribution shape.

Developed at the University of Bern, commercialized by D-Pace and manufactured by Buckley Systems, UniBEaM has many unique advantages including a large dynamic range, no electromagnetic susceptibility and an insertion length of only 70 mm. UniBEaM is a turnkey system consisting of a probe, controller, cables and spare fibers which can be changed in under two minutes once the beamline is vented. For additional information about UniBEaM, follow this link.

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