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Beamline Quartz Scintillator

  • Model #: BPV-97.F
  • Last modification: Nov/28/2017

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D-Pace Quartz Scintillators provide real-time viewing of charged-particle beams during incedental testing of beamlines. Position, size, shape, and time variations can be witnessed, providing invaluable and intuitive information when commissioning beamlines or ion-optic problem solving.

The quartz scintillator assembly is mounted in lue of beamline equipment. Typical locations include:

  • Cyclotron exit ports.
  • Before and/or after ion-optical elements (quadrupoles, dipoles, etc.)
  • Target locations.
  • Collimator locations.
  • In place of other diagnostics equipment, to supplement the results from these diagnostics.
  • Locations of unexpected beam behaviour.

The Quartz Scintillator is a cheap and simple way to gain intuitive understanding of your beam's behaviour.


The Quartz Scintillator comprizes a piece of quartz glass sandwiched between two retaining rings, with attached brackets holding a mirror at a 45° angle to the glass. This is mounted in place of other beamline equipment, directly to upstream flanging. When a charged-particle beam bombards the quartz it will scintillate, emitting visible light.

Viewing equipment, such as a CCD camera and lens, is placed 90°, to the side of the Quartz Scintillator, viewing the 45° mirror. The video is fed to a computer in the operations area, where the scintillated beam is viewed live. The 90° arrangement of scintillator and camera allows for the scintillating beam to be viewed by the camera, while removing the camera from the particle beam's direct path. This greatly reduces neutron damage to the camera.


Neutron damage will occur to the CCD camera; useful life is on the order of 2 hours. Selection of CCD camera should avoid on-board advanced processing circuitry or printed circuit boards for special features, as this circuitry may fail quickly due to the neutron fields. It is recommended to have spare CCD cameras on-hand.

Scale and crosshair scribe marks are provided on the retaining ring holding the quartz glass, as well as orientation letters for T = Top, B = Bottom, L = Left, R = Right. The ring's aperture is also a known size. These features allow an operator to determine the position, size, and shape of the beam while making adjustments.

Videos and images of the beam may be recorded from the viewing computer. Together with image analysis software, beam size, shape, and position can be quantified.

Max Beam Power

100 W

Max Beam Current

5 µA

Max Beam Energy

20 MeV

Max Continuous Exposure Time

2 hours

Scintillating Material


Flanging/Chamber Material*


Operational Vacuum Region

High Vacuum (10-6 Torr)

Vacuum Seal*


Mounting Flange*

ISO 100

Quartz Retaining Ring Aperture*

Ø97 mm

* Customized per your requirements.

The D-Pace Quartz Scintillator can be provided with:

  • CCD camera equipment, and spares.
  • Spare quartz glass.
  • Set of extension pipes.
  • Beam measurement and analysis service.


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Bill Buckley