Ion Source Test Facility (ISTF) stage two is launched

There was great excitement in March 2016 when the installation team from D-Pace achieved a visible ion beam from stage two of the Buckley Systems / D-Pace ISTF joint venture.

While not normally able to be seen, the ion source beam was made visible by the introduction of nitrogen into the vacuum chamber. Rather than looking at complex numbers on screens, the purple glow given off by the beam gave the non-scientists a small glimpse into what was actually happening inside the equipment.

Stage one of the ion source development had been in operation since November 2015 and has already proved itself as a valuable testbed. Stage two, consisting of a D-Pace Mini-PET 30 beamline and an analyzer magnet has greatly expanded the capability of the facility allowing both D-Pace and Buckley Systems to test and develop the capacities of related products in-house.

Brought in on-budget and ahead of schedule, the facility has shown the advantages of the two companies working as an integrated team since the purchase of a 50% stake of D-Pace by Buckley Systems in 2014.

Having an in-house facility has allowed experimentation into characterizing different ions, calibration of instrumentation and computer simulations to be verified. In the first month of commissioning, the ISTF proved its worth in allowing D-Pace technicians to replicate a client’s problem and mirror them through the procedure to remedy it.

The ISTF and all associated components such as the faraday cup, emittance scanner analyzer and Mini-PET are commercial products in their own right and can be purchased individually through D-Pace. The facility is available for hire and can also be used for pre-purchase certification and verification of products if required.

D-Pace founder and CSIO, Morgan Dehnel, says “The collaboration between D-Pace and Buckley Systems has been incredibly successful for both companies, allowing us to explore new uses for our products and help our existing customers optimize their own systems.”

With the commissioning of stage two, the ISTF already has a full program of internal testing and experimentation ahead but with enough flexibility to accommodate inquiries from interested parties.

This piece was reprinted by D-Pace, Inc. from the Buckley Systems Summer 2016 technical bulletin with permission from Buckley Systems Ltd. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.

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