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BTI Water Target, Aqueous 18F

  • Model #: BTI 18/9 Series
  • Last modification: Mar/7/2018

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BTI Targetry specializes in R&D and deployment of high performance targets for radionuclide production. Many of their target system technologies outperform OEM systems by a factor of two, resulting in material advantages to their retrofit customers. These include lower operating costs, improved reliability, reduced maintenance, and access to more market share via increased distribution.

Their water targets include a line with the highest current 18F target available. With their systems it is possible to operate at the maximum beam current capability of the 18/9 in single target mode. At this intensity, more than 20 Ci (740 GBq) can be produced by single beam irradiation. Helium cooling is NOT required; eliminating helium cooling improves overall system reliability and eliminates a costly maintenance item. The three-piece construction allows for rapid disassembly during scheduled maintenance.

BTI Targetry offers a wide spectrum of standard commercial products worldwide.


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