Emittance Scanning

D-Pace can provide on site Emittance Scanning as a service, or provide rental of our TRIUMF-Licensed ES-4 Emittance Scanner Probe System with Vacuum Box, complete with Electronics, Controls, Software and Cables. 

The rental system beam profiling system consists of:

  • Qty 1   ES-4 Emittance Scanner Probe
  • Qty 1   ES-4 Control System, including ES-4 controller, PC, software, current meter, HV power supplies and cables.
  • Qty 1   Vacuum box, with mounting ports for X and Y scanner orientations, and blank off for unused ports. 
  • Qty 1   ES-4 System Manual

More information coming soon.

For more information, or to inquire about Emittance Scanner rental please contact us at 

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Bill Buckly