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Emittance Scanner, 1.5 kW

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The D-Pace ES-4 Emittance Scanner system measures low-energy charged particle beam distributions in (x, x’) or (y, y’) depending on installed orientation. Important physical parameters are computed and displayed such as RMS emittances, and the beam phase space intensity distribution. The system is complete and includes everything you need to conduct an emittance scan, including the controller, power supplies, current meter, 1/2 height instrumentation rack, 15 meter cables, and software. The vacuum box is sold separately - see related products links below.

The ES-4 Emittance Scanner is under a TRIUMF technology license. 

  • Measure magnitude of emittance for low-energy charged particles (<1MeV)
  • Water-cooled head for beam power up to 1500 W and 500 W/cm2
  • Determine phase space ellipses by any percentage of total beam or RMS emittance
  • Use data for modelling beam transport in ion-optical analysis software
  • Molybdenum front face and slits for thermal performance and low sputtering
  • Dual scanner configurations (x,y) available
  • TRIUMF-licenced technology

The D-Pace Emittance and Phase Space Scanner System is an Allison-type emittance scanner, combining an electric trajectory sweep technique with a mechanical position beam sweep, enabling the simultaneous measurement of position (y) and angle (y’). Two probes can be used to scan horizontal and vertical plane phase spaces, or a single head can be used by re-mounting the head on a port 90° to the first .

Positional and angular resolution is limited by the slit separation. Smaller slits improve resolution, but at the cost of signal strength. The angular resolution is also dependent on particle kinetic energy per unit charge.

D-Pace acquisition and analysis software enables the operator to optimize scans for resolution and scan time, and plot beam profiles, 2D and 3D contours with and without emittance ellipses. Data is saved as an CSV file.


  1. Licensed from TRIUMF for exclusive world-wide distribution.
  2. D-Pace can provide a vacuum box. Contact D-Pace with custom requirements for a quotation.

File Type Date Details
Specification Apr/28/2016 download ES-4 System Specification
Drawing Feb/23/2016 download ES-4 Probe drawing showing overall dimensions
Stepfile Apr/27/2016 download STEP file of ES-4 probe with head in extended position
Video Feb/28/2017 download Animation of dual ES-4 probe on dual ES-4 vacuum box
Manual Feb/28/2017 download Vacuum Box Options for the ES-4 Probe

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