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ECR Source

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Neutron Therapeutics-Licenced ECR Ion Source

Ion     Current(mA)    
H+ 30 mA 40-50 keV
H2+ 3 mA 40-50 keV
D+ 30 mA(est.) 40-50 keV
He+ 30 mA 40-50 keV
He++ 0.5 mA 80-100 keV
  • Yields 30 mA of H+
  • Three solenoid configurations provides multiple optimizable plasma confinement scenarios
  • Yields high beam currents of 1+ charge state ions
  • Compact, cost-effective ECR Ion Source
  • Technology licensed from Neutron Therapeutics

Enquire about other negative and positive ion beams from this source.


The IS.ECR-010 Ion Source system includes the following:

  • Ion source & vacuum box
  • Vacuum system & gauges
  • Power supplies, PLC controls & software
  • Interlocks and HV grounding system
  • User interface & Ethernet-based remote controls
  • Ion source stand and microwave generator stand
  • Water flow gauges and interlocks
  • Mass flow controller for feed gasses
  • RF amplifier & impedance matching systems
  • Optional solenoid/quadrupole focusing system downstream of source
  • Optional high-voltage Faraday cage
  • Optional water de-ionization system
  • Optional sliding Faraday cup
  • Optional UniBEaM fiber optic beam profile monitor
  • Optional TRIUMF-licensed  emittance scanner
  • Optional mass spectrometer with slits
  • Optional personnel access control interlocks

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D-pace engineering and drafting teams are fully dedicated to particle beam and accelerator systems including magnets, vacuum chambers and support structures. 

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