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Charged Particle Beam Current Sensor

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Fast response, DC –140 kHz beam current sensor for non-intercepting charged particle beam current measurements1.

The BCS-01 installs over a ceramic vacuum break along a customer’s beamline. The unit measure’s the beam’s DC and time-varying signals separately and then combines both signals to provide an analog output proportional to the beam current.

There is a large demand in the medical field for beam therapy equipment for which the Charged Particle Beam Current Sensor is a perfect fit. Many applications have already benefited from the reliability and performance of this sensor.

  • Non-intercepting current transformer
  • Fast response time (< 2.5 µs )
  • No Droop
  • Accuracy < ± 1% Full Scale (FS)
  • DC to 140 kHz bandwidth
  • Analog design
  • Self contained package
  • Beam energy range: eV - GeV

  1. This technology is from American Aerospace Controls (AAC). AAC has been developing and manufacturing high-reliability current and voltage sensors since 1965. If you would like information on any of AAC's other product offerings, please visit or call +1 (631)-694-5100.

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