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  • Model #: DM-20.90.T
  • Last modification: Jun/30/2020

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Charged particles may enter the magnet from the left side, back side, or right side, and exit through a common port at the base of the “T”. For example, for cases where all particles are positively charged the magnetic field will have a given polarity to bend charges entering from the left, zero field for cases where charges enter the back of the “T”, and opposite field polarity for cases when the positive particles enter from the right.



Magnet Type:

Double Dipole, T-Shape

Bend Angle:

90º left, Straight through, 90º right

Magnet Gap:

20 mm

Radius of Curvature:

300 mm

Maximum Field:

0.55 Tesla

Effective Length:

471.2 mm

Entance Pole Face Angle:

46º(left or right)

Exit Pole Face Angle:


Ambient Air

Nominal Power Supply

5 A, 80 V


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