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1:100 Resolution Spectrometer, 45° Bender

  • Model #: SPEC-100.45
  • Last modification: Nov/28/2017

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The D-Pace 1:100 Energy Spectrometer magnet has been designed for resolving proton beams with kinetic energy from 0.5 MeV to 11 MeV, while bending through an angle of 45°.

Magnet Type: Dipole
Bend Angle: 45°
Magnet Gap: 40 mm
Maximum Field: 1.2 T
Effective Length: 314.2 mm
Radius of Curvature: 400 mm
Entrance Pole Face Angle:  -36.0784°
Exit Pole Face Angle: -36.0784°
Pole Profile: Rowgowski
Max. Current: 120 A
Max. Voltage: 30 V
Cooling: Water
Entrance, Exit, & Thru Flange:  KF50


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Bill Buckly