1:1500 Resolution Spectrometer

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The D-Pace 1:1500 Mass Spectrometer System has been designed for resolving singly charged molecular beams with kinetic energy up to 50 keV and up to mass 1500 A.M.U., to 1 part in 1500 in mass. The included slits and Faraday cup can sustain up to 1 mA of beam current. The system comes complete with all:

  • Stands
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Beampipe
  • Bellows
  • Spectrometer Magnet
  • Slits
  • Faraday cup
  • Power supply
  • Control system

Installation, commissioning, and training can also be provided. Custom modifications can be undertaken to meet your particular beam kinectic energy, charge state, particle mass, and beam current conditions.

  • Mass Resolution of 1:1500 at 1.00 mm slit width
  • Maximum Current, Energy, and Mass: 1 mA  /  50 keV  /  q = +1  /  1500 A.M.U.
  • Upstream/Downstream high resolution slits: (D-Pace Precision Slits #PS-50.50)
    • 50 mm height
    • 0-20 mm width accurate to +/-0.05 mm
  • Pneumatic Faraday Cup at downstream slit position (D-Pace Faraday Cup #FC-50.50)
    •  Ø50 mm aperture

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D-pace engineering and drafting teams are fully dedicated to particle beam and accelerator systems including magnets, vacuum chambers and support structures. 

Bill Buckly